BREAKING: RealClearPolitics: Democrat Gil Cisneros Trails in New NRCC Poll

Recent NRCC Poll shows Gil Cisneros Trailing GOP Candidate by 2% with High Unfavorable Ratings

Liberal Democrat Gil Cisneros trails a Republican challenger 46% to 44% according to a new survey conducted on behalf of the National Republican Congressional Committee and released to RealClearPolitics.

The poll, taken June 30 to July 2, surveyed 400 likely 2020 voters across California’s 39th Congressional District and additional information in the poll showed:

  • Gil Cisneros boasting a 34% favorable vs. 30% unfavorable rating.

  • Cisneros trailing a named Republican in a liberal portion of the district 49% to 43%.

  • Cisneros trailing a named Republican 48% to 44% district-wide among men.

  • Likely voters on impeachment: 34% support, 57% oppose, 7% don’t know.

To read the full RealClearPolitics article, please click HERE.

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